Elephanty Painted Pegboard

Inspired by this and this, I got some pegboard to hang up in my studio-cum-Gideon’s room. Since he’ll be scooting around soon, it’s important that we find places to put things that will be out of his reach. Enter the pegboard. Since it came in a dingy, scuffed white, I decided to make it into a bit of wall art for our growing boy. The motifs came from this fabric, which I won a yard of from the fabulous Sew Mama Sew blog.

First, I painted the board bright orange, using an inexpensive sample-sized tub of Behr paint from Home Depot. Using the fabric as a reference, I freehand drew the elephant and the tree onto the board in pencil, then used a foam brush to paint in the accent colors, both of which came from the clearance rack of miss-mixed paint, and cost 50 cents and 1 dollar, respectively.

All that’s left is to mount it high on the wall of the room and put hooks in it to hang up my tools and tidbits in a handy-dandy fashion.

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My Life in Ruins

I’ve never had a good attention span. This blog is a case in point. Spates of frequent updates, interspersed with long periods of silence. My crafting life is another example. This month I am obsessed with sewing. Next month, I could drop it entirely and pick up knitting again, Or lampwork. Or calligraphy. Or something entirely new.

My husband and I are trying to start a home business. My attention span wore off about three days before we were supposed to launch.

Accompanying this bad attention span is a poor memory. I can memorize quotes, verses, instructions, directions. But ask me to remember a person’s name or an event I am supposed to attend, a form I am supposed to fill out, or a date in the future? Good luck with that.

This is a constant struggle for me, and it’s one I haven’t yet figured out how to overcome. Buy a calendar, you say. I have one. Get a PDA, you say. I have one. Get a phone with an alarm, you say. I have one.

A friend asked me to participate in something I love, with people I love. I forgot about it entirely, and only remembered four hours after I was supposed to have been there today. It was important, and I muffed it. There are excuses I could use, but I could have overcome them all. This was my fault.

So not a good day today.

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Boy Shirts

shirtsI finished the sewing on my two boy shirts last night. There was a hole in the fabric on the sleeve of the recycled shirt, so I covered it up with some little dog appliques.

The blue shirt needs a button added below the last one from the man’s shirt, and I need to get some western snaps for the zoo shirt.

I don’t know when they’ll fit Gid, but it will probably be soon, given his current growth rate. We’re going to have to take out a third mortgage to keep this kid in onesies.

rec shirt

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Celebrate the Boy

Okay–I saw this on Made by Rae when it first came up, but neglected to post anything about it. Then my friend Jeana mentioned it on her blog and I’ve seen it on several others, so here goes. February is

Celebrate Yellowmonth in blogland. Since my little toughie is all boy, I’m joining in. I’ve already cut out two shirts, one using an old shirt of my grandfather’s. I’m also working on Gideon’s room this month, per my room-a-monthalong.

Speaking of the room-a-monthalong, did I finish my January goal? Hehehehe. Heh. Heh. No. But I worked on it! I rearranged the furniture and worked on getting my craft stuff into order. I failed. But there is always tomorrow. Or the next day. Or the next. Hmmm. I may have discovered my problem.

But this month I’m celebrating the boy!

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I do not think there really is such a time

as 3:30 in the morning. Well, not a time that involves cars, anyway. A time that involves beds, yes. A time that involves feeding sleepy babies, yes. A time that involves driving to the airport? Shudder.

But that is what I shall be doing tomorrow morning when I take Tim to SeaTac for a business trip. And so, with my baby noisily sucking his fingers beside me, I bid you good night.

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Beads and a Haircut, Two Bits

1-29-10 008

Today’s post is brought to you courtesy of my new haircut.  I’ve been experimenting with hollow beads today:

1-29-10 010

Hollow CIM Chalcedony, DH Triton and Gaia frit, CIM clear dots.1-29-10 011

Hollow Vetrofond Smoke Rings1-29-10 013

Hollow CIM Sangre with Triton frit1-29-10 014

Effetre transparents and opaques with Triton frit1-29-10 015

Hollows: CIM Kryptonite with Effetre Periwinkle swirls, Unknown Frantz box pink with Effetre dark lavender swirls1-29-10 017

The crowning glory! Trans grass green with leaf cane and applied flowers. On a hollow bead!

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DIY Decorative Picture Frames, Part 1

1-27-10 008I have a million picture frames. Unfortunately, none of them match. In order to bring some unity to my collection, I decided to make one related set to scatter among the others on my living room wall. This is a super-easy project, and costs less than $10 altogether.

Unfinished wooden picture frames (I got mine at Michaels for $1 each)
Decorative scrapbooking paper (Joann had it 4 for $1)
1 Bottle of Mod-Podge
1 Foam Brush

1-27-10 0011. Open one picture frame and turn it face-down on your fancy paper. Trace the inside and outside of the frame.

1-27-10 0032. Cut out the shape you have traced. Cut it a little large, since it can be trimmed later, but not expanded!

1-27-10 0053. Brush a thin layer of Mod-Podge on the wooden frame and let it dry a bit until it is tacky.

1-27-10 0064. Position your paper on the frame, and smooth it down with your fingers or a brayer.

1-27-10 0075. Brush a coat of Mod-Podge over the surface of the paper, and leave the frame to dry. Repeat with another coat, and leave to dry overnight.

To be continued…

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New Wedding Flowers!

Today, my friend Cheryl and I met to plan her wedding flowers! Her colors are red, black, and white–very classy. Since her fiance proposed between two red roses, those flowers are very special to her. I’m having fun strategizing my approach for Cheryl’s wedding. She wants her flowers to tie the bridal party together, but not necessarily be identical for each of the nine (Nine!) bridesmaids and eight groomsmen.

We’re thinking red roses, gerbera daisies, alstroemeria, and calla lilies. Red and white. Could anything be more romantic? I’ve been trolling the web for ideas:

This one from Bloomery Weddings is just lovely.

Nice, restrained Callas and Roses.Admittedly, this one is a little over-the-top, but I love the exuberance.

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Poor Photography Syndrome (PPS)

Do you suffer from Poor Photography Syndrome, as I do? Do you live in a cloudy climate, rushing out to take pictures in the only spot of sunshine for miles around, only to discover that the batteries in your camera have died? Do you forget to take a picture of your work during the daylight hours, only remembering after the sun is well down and your only sources of light are the discount lightbulbs of various kinds currently living in your light fixtures? Do your hands shake? Does your macro zoom to the wrong object?

Fear not. You are not alone. I, too, feel the pain of PPS, and have for many years. Today, we have two sterling examples.

Example #1: The unidentified fuzz
1-25-10 001

Though this is not an irreversible problem, unidentified fuzz plagues those of us with PPS.

I’m fairly proud of this bead, which I made on Friday afternoon. It’s Sky Blue Effetre, decorated with Transparent Aqua stringer. The bead itself is hollow, built on the mandrel in two disks, which I teased together, allowing the air inside to puff the bead out to round. It’s about 12 mm in diameter.

Example #2: Random stuff in the background of the shot

1-25-10 009These are my new murrini. Aren’t they nice? Also, random junk on my kitchen table, including the bead I took a picture of moments before.

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