Alabama Studio Style

I knew that I had seen something about Alabama Chanin on one of my blogs several months ago, and while I liked what I saw, it didn’t blow me away. When I saw the book on the “New Books” shelf at the library, though, I decided to check it out, and am I glad I did!

This book is gorgeous, and has already provided loads of inspiration for my own crafting endeavors. It provides one basic pattern, from which you can make a tank top, dress, tunic, or skirt. It being a library book, I gingerly picked off the glue holding it into the back of the book, traced the pattern carefully and returned it to its original state. Now I just have to scrounge up 6 yards of cotton jersey to try it out.

Alabama Chanin is known for hand-sewing, stenciling, and embellishment, and the book covers several of their original techniques in detail. I am so glad that Natalie Chanin chose to share the information, rather than keeping it a trade secret, as so many businesses are wont to do.

The truth is that it’s a good business move to share her techniques, because she will make a lot of money selling the book to home crafters who could never afford one of her couture dresses. Her designs are beautiful and wearable, and I can’t wait to try one out!

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