SewMamaSew Serger Contest

SewMamaSew, that fabulous repository of useful sewing knowledge and impossibly cute fabrics, is giving away a serger! Here’s why I should be the one to win it:

Dear Sew, Mama, Sew Editorial Board,

1. I have an adorable child:

2. Pretty much all of his clothes are secondhand.

3. I’d really like to make him some new clothes, especially out of his daddy’s old shirts, just for him.

4. I am really excited about trying a serger, and I think it would really help my home economics, since I’m sewing most of our clothes these days, or at least, trying to.

5. I just bought an old serger off of Craigslist, and it’s broken, and nobody carries the replacement part. Or maybe they do, and I can’t afford it. I’m not really sure, because it’s broken in such a way that I can’t tell what it looked like originally.

I’ve trolled all the serger replacement part websites, and they seem to be run by people who take pride in photographing small metal items, providing incomprehensible descriptions, and offering no advice on where said items actually attach to the machines they are made for.

Did I make you cry? I’m about to.

Suffering from unfulfilled serger anguish,


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