Knitscene Fall 2010

The new Knitscene is up. I am beginning to conclude that I like this magazine better than its parent, Interweave Knits. The patterns just seem much more wearable, not to mention knittable. I love the Balsam Jacket and want to immediately buy the yarn to make one in my size.

This brings up my current crafting crisis–namely, I have too many crafts. Right now, my passion is painting, but I need to get ready for the Bash, so I have to do a lot of metalwork, which I also enjoy, which makes me want to make some jewelry, and it all spins ’round again. Also, I’m itching to torch some glass.

I know, boo hoo. I’m complaining that I have too many toys. Get a life, Lo.

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  1. paula says:

    Hi Lo! On the subject of knitting, I just wanted you to know how much I have enjoyed your bootie pattern – and I wrote about you on my blog,

    at the end of the post on Fairy Tales. Thanks again! Paula

    ps. people can tell just by looking that those are booties that will stay on. Really nice design!

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