Baby Gansey Progress

Baby Gansey 1

I’ve been working all weekend on a sweater to match the Gansey Booties I designed for Gid. Sorry about the cell phone picture–I can’t find my camera.

I’m using the same Cotton-Ease as before, and I really like the fabric as it’s being knit up. I have enough of this yarn in stash to make three adult-sized sweaters and another two baby sweaters, so it’s a good thing it’s going well.  I have it in mind to knit a coordinating Gansey for Tim eventually, using some of the patterns from Gideon’s. Unfortunately, by that time, Gid will have outgrown this one, and I’ll have to make him another. Sigh. It never ends. I’ve decided that I need to acquire some self-knitting yarn and self-sewing fabric. That way, things might get done around here.

I torched a little bit on Friday, and I’ll post some shots of the beads when I find my camera. I’ve been trying out silver glass for the first time–just a little Psyche frit I picked up at Frantz in Shelton right after Christmas. So far, my results have been blah. I just can’t figure out how to use the flame chemistry on my Hothead to my advantage.  Pictures when I can.

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2 Responses to Baby Gansey Progress

  1. Joan Siegel says:

    Was wondering if you have a pattern for the gansey sweater that you were knitting. The booties look adorable and the sweater looks woderful.

  2. jane says:

    I too am wondering where I can get this pattern. Help.
    It is gorgeous.

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