A Room a Month

Okay…I’m going to go for it. Besides, posting something on the internet means that it will get done, right? Heh, heh, heh…have I woven in the ends of my Drops sweater yet? I have not.

Anyhow. Theresa, the Keyboard Biologist, has committed to improve her house, one room, one month, at a time. Since my house is pretty much undecorated (also, at this moment, a wreck), it seems to me that I could stand to do the same thing. The whole idea came from this post, and there is now a list of people participating. So, in the interest of making something happen, and possibly making the house crawling-baby-friendly before he gets to that stage (in about seven minutes), here’s my list. Now, I don’t have 12 rooms, so I’m splitting some things up:

1. Crafting half of the front bedroom
2. Gideon’s half of the front bedroom
3. Our bedroom
4. The upstairs and downstairs closets
5. The back porch and sliver’o’yard
6. The kitchen
7. The dining room
8. The living room
9. The upstairs bathroom
10. The downstairs bathroom
11. The stairs (okay, I’m reaching now)
12. The upstairs hallway.

And that, folks, is every single inch of my 1100-square-foot townhouse. Progress photos to come. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

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